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Choosing a lawyer can be stressful. You want to know that the attorney you choose will treat your case with the level of importance it deserves. After all, your legal matter is likely one of the most important challenges in your life right now. Craig Davis understands that. Whether you need a lawyer for a car accident, an offshore injury, a worker’s comp situation, or a personal injury accident, we can help. Our full-service law firm provides personalized, compassionate service paired with aggressive representation. We are honest with you about what you can expect and how we will fight for you.

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There is no substitute for experience. Our firm has been handling nothing but personal injury cases for their entire practice, and handling those cases across Louisiana.

“A law is valuable, not because it is a law, but because there is right in it.”

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Mr. Davis is known as being an aggressive personal injury attorney that gets top results. He and his staff work relentlessly to obtain the best possible results in all of their cases.


Our firm regularly receives cases referred from other lawyers when it appears that their case will likely go to the courtroom and an experienced courtroom lawyer is required. Insurance companies and corporate defendants are aware of our experience and court room ability and we find that they frequently “re-evaluate” claims once we get involved.

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At the very beginning we discuss your goals and we fight so that those goals are achieved. It's why our older clients are known to send new clients our way and why our client satisfaction rate is so high.

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We are ready to get to work for you. Remember, time is of the essence when it come to your claim. Waiting only not only prolongs your financial payout, but it helps the insurance company with their fight when you do file a claim. 

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Questions And Answers

Our current success rate sits at 98%

Yes! With over 27 years of experience, Craig has had many years of winning in the courtroom and he is very confident he can help YOU win your case. 

First step in the process is filling a contact form out. Then we will set a one-on-one meeting to discuss all your options. From there the process will be dependent on your case as every case is different. 

No, no Pro Bono Services are provided but we do have a “no win – no fee” policy. 

After you become a client, you will have access to the office as needed or you can always contact us here

Yes! It’s normal to feel lost or overwhelmed in this process. Remember it isn’t a sprint, it can be a marathon. This is why it’s even more so important to hire an experienced attorney with a proven track record. 

No, Craig has always worked alone and will continue doing so at this time. 

Everyone’s case is different. The only way to know what is your best solution is by calling our office and letting us take a look at your situation.