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Have you or a loved one been injured in a truck accident, there’s only one 18-wheeler accident law firm that you should call. Whether you’ve been injured by accidents involving dangerous drivers or poorly maintained vehicles, we can help.

From truck accidents in Lafayette, La to accidents in Southwest Louisiana, to delivery truck accidents nationwide, we’ve seen it all.

However, our reliance on large trucks has a caveat: they’re dangerous. When a semi-truck crashes, these car accidents are serious and often fatal for the occupants of other vehicles. This is because trucks are large, heavy, and incredibly difficult to stop.

We’ve helped victims of truck accidents who crossed onto the wrong side of the road, victims of accidents where the truck slammed into the back of their vehicle, victims of accidents where 18-wheelers sideswipe them and many, many more. 

At the law office of Craig A. Davis, we know commercial vehicle accident cases can be complicated. We work on them often. Truck carriers and insurance companies will do whatever it takes to avoid responsibility. Because of this, you need attorney who knows how to win and will fight aggressively for your rights.

Our office takes an aggressive approach to every case we handle. This means we research, investigate, and develop the case as it’s headed to trial. We pride ourselves on not settling. We fight and we fight for YOU


"Craig is an amazing attorney who works hard for his clients. I would feel confident recommending him to anyone."
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Many law firms claim to handle 18-wheeler accident cases, but few can claim the level of experience and expertise it takes to successfully represent a truck accident victim. Accidents involving commercial trucks and large 18-wheelers should only ever be handled by a lawyer with a record of success taking on big transportation companies. Craig Davis is that lawyer.