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Do you want an award-winning, passionate & aggressive Louisiana Personal Injury Attorney?  You probably also want an attorney who actually cares about his clients, listens to what happened in your case, then gives you tailored advice about how to get the most money possible. If you’ve just been injured, or tragically lost a loved one, you probably want to talk to an actual lawyer (rather than a far less knowledgeable assistant, paralegal, or “investigator”) very quickly. If this is you, call your office TODAY!

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A personal injury can leave victims and their loved ones with significant financial burdens, emotional trauma, and uncertainty about what to do next. No matter what type of personal injury you’ve suffered, we are ready to help you if someone else’s carelessness or negligence contributed to your injuries. Our team has the experience representing accident victims and helping them seek the compensation they may deserve.

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What is

Personal Injury Law?

Personal injury law focuses on the disputes that arise when one person is harmed because of another individual’s negligent or intentional conduct. While there are a number of circumstances that may lead to an injury, most cases occur because of accidents, intentional acts, or defective products. Unlike other types of cases, personal injury law allows victims to recover because of injuries to their bodies and emotional or psychological trauma.

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